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Kim has always felt a strong connection with the animal world so it was very natural for her to be interested in and to study Animal Communication. She took several classes with different teachers over the years and in 2012 she applied for, and was accepted into, a year-long intensive apprenticeship program with Terri O'Hara. During the apprenticeship Kim had the opportunity to chat with lots of animals including dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, donkeys, pigs, chickens & even wild dolphins while on a retreat in Bimini. Kim has found that the majority of animals have something to say if we're only willing to listen and that the size of the body has no bearing on the size of the spirit within. 

FAQ - 

What is Animal Communication?

Communication with an animal is a telepathic/intuitive/energetic process. Animals easily communicate with each other telepathically as it is their natural language. Humans are all capable of telepathy too but it is a skill that is pushed aside and rarely developed in our modern world. An animal communicator is simply someone who has consciously worked to strengthen their telepathic and intuitive muscles, allowing them to converse with your pet.


What happens during a consultation?

Kim communicates by telepathically connecting via the heart-to-heart connection you have with your animal. Your animal sends information in a variety of ways including pictures, words, feelings, physical sensations & symbolism. Kim acts as a translator of that information, allowing you to have an open, informative, loving conversation with your pet. She expresses your comments to the animal and provides the animal's replies. She will tell you what she hears, sees & and senses during the conversation. Just like people, each animal is unique; some can have quite a lot to say while others might only have a few things to say.


How do I prepare for the consultation?

You might find it helpful to make a list of questions/concerns before your appointment. Some people like to take notes. It is important that you be in a room without distractions so you can be quiet, comfortable & focused on the session. You must be willing to be honest, open and considerate of your animals views and opinions.


Does my animal need to be in the room during the consultation?

It is not necessary for your animal to be in the room with you during the consultation but you may find that they will join you of their own accord.


How does this work over the phone?

This is not a literal communication in the same manner that most people usually talk. Although a phone consultation is a convenient way for Kim to talk with you, her communication with your animal is done telepathically so it is not necessary for your animal to “be on the phone” during the consult.


Are the phone consultations as good as the in-person consults?

Absolutely. In fact, a phone session is often better because Kim won’t be distracted by your pet’s cuteness or antics. Please remember, this is a heart-felt telepathic connection, not a physical one, so it does not require those participating to be in the same place.


Does Kim need a picture of my pet?

Yes, it is very helpful for Kim to have a photo of your animal. Please email or message a color photo of your animal and make sure the photo shows their face. If you have other pets in the household it can be helpful to send their pictures as well since they might chime in on the conversation or have some wisdom to offer. Please include your pet’s names and ages when you send your photos. If you cannot send a photo of your pet(s), Kim can work without one.


Can you make my pet stop or change a behavior?

Kim’s role is to be a voice for your animal. Kim can ask your animal about behaviors that you have issue with and explain why you find the behaviors upsetting. It often happens that an animal’s intentions are good and they truly don’t understand why their behavior is upsetting. By having an open, positive conversation with your animal, it’s possible that you may find a solution or reach a compromise.


Can you talk to a pet that has passed on?

Yes, it is possible to speak with animals that have crossed over. It can be very comforting for people to get a sense of how their loved ones are doing on the other side and the opportunity to express feelings or ask questions can help provide closure.


Do I need to make an appointment?

Yes, you must schedule an appointment in advance. Although Kim does her best to schedule you in as quickly as possible, her time is limited. Don’t wait until the last minute if you know you have specific events approaching, for example: upcoming vacation, surgery, addition of a new pet, etc.

Please note: Communication should not be used as a replacement for veterinary care so if your pet is having serious medical issues be sure to schedule an appointment with your veterinarian as soon as possible.


Do you offer a guarantee?

Animal communication can provide a wealth of helpful information from the animal’s perspective, however there is no way to guarantee that behaviors will change or health issues will be disclosed. Kim cannot guarantee that she will be able to connect with your animals, or that you will immediately be able to understand the information that is received.  If either you or Kim feels that she is not connecting with your animal within the first 15 minutes of the session, she will end the session and there will be no charge to you.


How can I pay for my consultation?

You can pay via PayPal to or you may mail a check after the consult. See Contacts page for address or email.


Cancellation policy

Please let Kim know the day before your appointment if you need to cancel or reschedule. Cancellations may be subject to the full payment amount if made less than the day before the scheduled appointment.

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